A utility to facilitate SSH operations via the Hyperswarm DHT.


Install with npm:
npm install -g hyperssh

Basic usage

On a server or a machine running an ssh-server, run:
This will start announcing the server on the DHT and will print out the Noise Public Key of the server.
To connect to the server on another computer, pass the Noise Public Key to the hyperssh command, along with an optional username:
hyperssh ab01f... maf
That's it! Remembering hostnames is required no more! 😌
Hyperswarm will do UDP holepunching under the hood, so even if your server is located on a home network it should be accessible.

Windows RDP

Hyperssh can also be used with Windows RDP to remotely log in to your windows machines over Hyperswarm.
Step 1: On the machine (ensure RDP is enabled) you want to login to, run:
hyperssh-server --rdp
Step 2: Then on another computer, anywhere on the internet, perform:
hyperssh --rdp ab0f...
Step 3: Configuring RDP
Open your favorite RDP client, configure it to connect to localhost over port 3389 (default), with the Windows username, etc.