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Personal Keet P2P Chat Relay

Prerequisite: Raspberry Pi with 64-bit architecture - e.g., Raspberry Pi 4. Check out their website to discover more options.
1. Download Keet
Visit and download Keet on your pi by selecting “(Get Keet ALPHA for Linux)" and "Keet for ARM”.
download keet instructions image
2. Install all the required dependencies
Use the following commands to install the necessary dependencies. This will ensure the seamless execution of the AppImages.
sudo apt install zlib1g zlib1g-dev
sudo apt install libfuse2
If the libfuse2 package is not found (e.g., in Ubuntu 22), add an APT repository called universe by executing: sudo add-apt-repository universe and then try step-2 again.
3. Run Keet
Now, extract the Keet-arm64.tar.gz file downloaded earlier. Next, run the Keet.AppImage of the extracted folder by double-clicking on it. This step will start up Keet for you.
run keet instructions image
4. Create a Room
To join a room from your phone, create a room on the Raspberry Pi, then open the invite menu and scan the QR code from your mobile device.
create and join room instructions image
5. Bookmark the room
You can always bookmark the room to keep it available for yourself and other peers.
bookmark instructions image
Voilà! You are all set up with your personal Peer-to-Peer Keet chat relay! 🍐